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We live as if in a dream.  Information and images race through our lives so fast that we never really gain purchase on them.  Everything is high-energy, high tech, high strength, high maintenance, high stress, high volume, high pressure, high test.......even high speed internet isn’t fast enough anymore.

But when I am in my studio everything becomes orderly and controllable.  As the concept becomes more focused the ideas and possibilities expand coming so fast it is difficult to choose one path. Ultimately the end result is a “snap shot” of the momentum of the moment.  Nothing ever resembles the original drawings but rather a journey to the final conclusion.

Inspired by everything around me I still try to retain my own unique personal vision.  My work has always focused on craftsmanship and joinery but lately I have been much more interested in imagery and  content. Trying to tell a story by making an observation or statement  through the pieces I'm working on has become essential.  It suddenly seems so important for artists to speak out and search for a truth in this world for we are the canaries in the coal mine.





Art Made of Trees
August 8-August 29, 2015

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June, 2014 show

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